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5 Potent Exercises For Back Fat (Arms & Shoulders Too)

how to get rid of lower back fat

Last Updated on September 9, 2019 by Femniqe

5. Front Chest Lifts

If you don’t have any dumbbells, you can use 2 filled water bottles. You just want to create some added resistance for this movement.

How to do it

  • Get into starting position A holding both dumbbells below your pelvic area as demonstrated in the image above.
  • Slowly lift both weights forward while keeping both hands straightened until they are parallel to the ground.
  • Hold the position for one second, then slowly return to the starting point and repeat the required amount of reps.


Exercises For Back Fat chart

See ALL The Exercises Demonstrated Below

How To Use This Routine

You can do this routine 3 to 4 times a week, that being said, it depends on your schedule.

It can be done every other day but never back to back as you will need to rest. Another way to take things to the next level is to combine this routine with a HIIT/Cardio session.

Here are 2 fat burning routines you can use after completing this back routine:

How To Get Rid Of Back Fat With Diet

Okay, so we’ve got the workout routine covered.

Now, let’s talk about how you should be eating for maximum results.

Your nutrition will dictate 80% of your results.

Remember, the goal is to lower your overall body fat because you cannot spot reduce.

And to accomplish that in the fastest time possible you will need to be in a calorie deficit.[3]

And a reasonable one too because you don’t want to starve yourself.

That’s why we created this 7 day Monday-Sunday meal plan that you can use as a guide, so go ahead and check it out.

Start Eliminating Back Fat

Remember, none of this matters if you don’t take any action.

So just go ahead and start, a few weeks from now you will be glad that you did.

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