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45 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast (Small Waist + Flat Stomach)

Last Updated on August 31, 2021 by Femniqe

The right foods can help you lose belly fat as long as you’re eating them consistently.

You don’t need to eat all these foods every day. Just pick some of your favorites and eat them in moderation.

These are the best fat burning foods out there, and you could probably use some of them in your diet if you’re looking to burn a few extra calories!

Also, don’t forget to do workouts that are optimized to tighten your waistline.

#1 – Raw Tomatoes

These things are loaded with vitamins A and C, as well as other antioxidants that help stop those nasty free radicals from ruining your figure.

If you like sauces for pasta or pizza, make sure it’s tomato sauce so that you take advantage of its nutritional benefits.

#2 – Apples

They’re all-natural sources of pectin which helps control blood sugar levels and even helps lower LDL cholesterol (aka “bad” cholesterol). Apples are also high in fiber, which is essential for digestion and elimination of waste.

The best part is that they contain no fat at all. An apple a day will definitely help keep the doctor away!

#3 – Cinnamon

It’s been used as an anti-inflammatory agent for thousands of years because it contains large amounts of antioxidants.

This spice can also reduce blood sugar levels and improve metabolism due to its high fiber content. Studies have shown that cinnamon has an impact on people who have Type 2 diabetes and those with frequent heartburn or indigestion problems.

What better way to enjoy this delicious spice than by sprinkling it over your morning oatmeal?

#4 – Egg Whites

Yep, you read right! Six egg whites actually contain fewer calories than the yolk.

In fact, studies have shown that people who eat two or three egg whites for breakfast every morning are slimmer than those who don’t.

Since they’re pure protein, this food is great at filling you up and keeping your metabolism going strong all day long!

#5 – Cabbage

This vegetable contains a lot of water which helps boost your digestive system and prevent constipation.

The fine fiber content also speeds up digestion and eliminates waste fast so that it doesn’t sit in your intestines for too long. According to nutritionists, cabbage can help lower cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.

This veggie should occupy a permanent place in your fridge!

#6 – Grapefruits

Grapefruits help keep your digestive system in check with their high fiber content, and they also include a good amount of vitamin C which can boost the body’s immunity.

They’re rich in pectin as well which promotes weight loss by speeding up digestion. This fruit is best taken right before meals so that you maximize its weight loss effects.

#7 – Chili Peppers

You should definitely invite these foodies to any upcoming barbecues!

They contain capsaicin, which stimulates metabolism and helps increase fat burning by 25 percent! Studies have shown that people who eat spicy foods tend to weigh less than those who don’t due to this little chemical reaction.

Not convinced yet? Just try out one of the recipes on this page .

#8 – Kiwi Fruit

These fruits are rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

They’ll help you stay full longer so that you won’t snack on junk food during the day.

The high water content also keeps your digestive system running smoothly to prevent constipation. They’re also good at reducing inflammation caused by arthritis or other similar conditions.

Another bonus is that they’re low in calories which makes them a great choice for people who are trying to lose weight!

#9 – Watermelon

This fruit contains citrulline which dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow to the heart while simultaneously lowering blood pressure levels. It also has lycopene which prevents damage from free radicals and even reduces cholesterol!

This delicious fruit is best enjoyed by itself or as part of a salad since it’s very sweet. If you’re ever craving something sweet, a slice of watermelon should solve that problem right away!

#10 – Whole Wheat Pasta

100% whole wheat pasta is great at keeping blood sugar levels stable and preventing insulin spikes which can lead to fat storage. It’s higher in fiber than regular pasta as well which keeps your digestive system running smoothy all day long.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have the same taste or texture as traditional white pasta so don’t expect it to be exactly the same.

#11 – Green Tea

Green tea contains catechin polyphenols which are very potent antioxidants.

Studies(1) have shown that people who drink it on a daily basis tend to have lower body fat and less fat around their waist.

Black tea on the other hand contains caffeine and is considered more of a diuretic so it may not be as beneficial for weight loss purposes.

#12 – Spinach

Spinach is a superfood with tons of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

It’s also very low in calories which makes it perfect for those looking to lose weight. It contains plenty of nutrients such as chlorophyll, iron and magnesium which are all essential to a healthy body.

Just make sure you only eat this veggie raw since cooking it can significantly decrease its nutritional value!

#13 – Tofu

This soybean product is high in protein but very low in carbs which makes it one of the best proteins out there for weight loss purposes.

It’s really versatile since it can be used in a wide variety of dishes so you won’t get bored with eating the same thing all the time.

#14 – Whole Wheat Bread

Whole grains may taste better than refined ones, but they’re much healthier as well! Many people suffer from diabetes because their sugar levels are uncontrollably high.

Whole grain foods help keep blood glucose levels as stable as possible which is perfect for diabetics looking to lose weight.

Note that even if something looks like 100% whole wheat or “wheat flour”, it might not actually have any real fiber in it so make sure you check the labels carefully!

Experts recommend staying away from white breads and pastas altogether if you’re trying to lose weight.

#15 – Oatmeal

This is one of the few foods that actually fills you up with long-lasting energy instead of a quick burst followed by a crash!

It contains fiber which slows down digestion and makes you feel full for longer as well.

Studies have shown that eating oatmeal regularly can help reduce cravings for unhealthy food and make people eat fewer calories overall!

#16 – Salmon Fillets

Salmon has one of the highest amounts of omega 3 fatty acids out there which is good news because your body really needs it! This oil is so powerful that it’s used to effectively treat various diseases like breast cancer.

Studies have also shown that eating foods high in omega 3 fatty acids can improve your mood, prevent many types of cancer and even help you lose weight!

#17 – Oranges

This fruit is loaded with vitamin C which boosts your immune system and protects against the common cold.

The fiber found in oranges will make sure you don’t eat too much while adding a bit of sweetness to your meals as well!

#18 – Lemon + Grapefruit

Just 1/2 of grapefruit and lemon can help lower blood pressure levels but it’s best consumed on an empty stomach because it contains a lot of fiber.

Just make sure that you peel it completely before eating since the white part has very little nutritional value!

Avoid grapefruit if you’re taking any medications since it can cause side effects.

#19 – Tomato Paste

This is basically the same thing as regular tomato sauce but it’s a lot thicker and more concentrated so you’ll only need to use a small amount!

Just be careful when cooking this ingredient since high temperatures can destroy all of its nutrients, especially if you use an aluminum pot!

#20 – Salmon Steaks

Fish is full of Omega 3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for your health but also make sure that you don’t eat too much since it tends to get really expensive.

If there’s still no fish in your diet by now I strongly recommend adding one or two types of fish every week into your cooking routine because they just taste amazing with some salt!

#21 – Olive Oil

This oil helps lower cholesterol levels and is great at fighting many types of cancer.

On top of that, this fat is actually really good at helping you lose weight so now you have another reason to start cooking with it!

Just make sure that you look for extra virgin olive oil because refined versions are missing most nutrients out there.

Also avoid any type of artificial olive oil or “olive-based” products since they’re not actually made from olives and don’t contain anything useful in them.

#22 – Bell Peppers

All bell peppers are extremely low in calories so if you’re looking to lose weight just start replacing them with lettuce or other vegetables that have no calories at all! Their taste is also pretty mild so you can use them in almost any dish.

Make sure to always buy a mix of red, green and yellow bell peppers since they contain different antioxidants which are very beneficial for your health.

#23 – Oatmeal Cookies

These “cookies” are actually made from oatmeal and chocolate chips (and that’s pretty much it) but they make a great snack or dessert because they’re high in fiber and will keep you full for longer.

Avoid regular cookies altogether if you want to lose weight fast since most of them contain tons of white sugar, preservatives, cheap vegetable oils and other ingredients which aren’t actually good at all!

#24 – Whipped Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium but it’s much better to drink your milk “whipped” so that it’s loaded with extra air bubbles.

Try adding this ingredient into your coffee or even make some ice cream out of it – this stuff tastes amazing and will help you lose weight faster because it provides fewer calories per serving than the regular version.

Just avoid sweetened whipped milk since most brands contain tons of sugar in them!

#25 – Canned Beans

You can eat canned beans straight from the can (just rinse them off first) but I strongly recommend cooking some kale or broccoli first and then mixing everything together for an occasional meal.

This side dish is very rich in protein which is very important for your muscle growth and fat loss efforts.

Beans are also rich in fiber and slow-releasing carbohydrates so they’re a perfect ingredient if you want to eat something that leaves you feeling full for longer!

#26 – Glucose (Used Before Exercise)

Consuming glucose (which is basically sugar) can boost your endurance level when exercising by as much as 15%!

This effect lasts up to 2 hours after eating it so make sure to consume this sweetener on a daily basis if you want your exertions to last longer.

Try using one teaspoon of this sweetener for every cup of tea or coffee that you drink!

Just keep in mind that consuming too much high fructose corn syrup may have long-term side effects like heart disease, obesity and diabetes so make sure to avoid overconsumption of this ingredient.

#27 – Figs

This fruit is high in fiber (11 grams per 100 grams) which makes it a great food for those who want to lose weight fast.

It’s also rich in antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and calcium which are all essential nutrients that your body needs! Make sure to eat them fresh since they can lose up to 80% of their content when put into storage.

Your best option would be buying them on the spot from local farmers or even growing your own if you have the space available at home!

#28 – Hazelnuts

These nuts contain tons of protein and fiber which will help you feel full for longer while burning more calories.

They also contain an abundance of research-backed health benefits so make sure to include them in your diet on a daily basis!

#29 – Celery Stalks

This vegetable is extremely low calorie and will help you lose weight faster because of it.

One cup (89 grams) contains only 16 calories which means that you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty about it!

Just avoid eating the leaves of this plant since they’re slightly higher in calories than the stalks.

#30 – Garlic

Just adding garlic into your cooking or spreading some crushed cloves onto your bread can have very beneficial effects on your body!

This plant extract has been used for centuries for its potent abilities to fight various illnesses, reduce foot odor and even fight cancer.

Just eating two cloves of garlic can lead to a 10% increase in the release of glucose into your bloodstream which means that you’ll have more energy for longer, tougher exercises without feeling hungry!

#31 – Beans (white)

White beans are very low in calories and high in protein so they’re perfect for those who want to lose weight faster.

Their combination of fibers and complex carbohydrates will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and make sure that you don’t crave junk food later on.

They also contain plenty of potassium which is extremely beneficial for your physical performance especially when exercising.

#32 – Buckwheat

This ancient ingredient has been used by East Asian cultures hundreds of years ago but it’s also perfect for you if you want to lose weight.

It’s a complex carbohydrate so it will make sure that your energy levels stay consistent for longer periods of time while burning more calories in the process!

Buckwheat is also high in dietary fiber, manganese and protein which are all essential nutrients that your body needs.

#33 – Barley

This ingredient can be found as whole grain or flour but they’re both great foods if you want to lose weight faster due to their high protein and fiber content.

They also contain plenty of essential vitamins and minerals needed by our bodies so make sure to eat them on a regular basis!

#35 – Peanuts

These legumes are great if you want to lose weight fast since they’re very low in calories (160 Kcal per 100 grams).

They’ll also help you achieve satiety faster so you can reduce your food intake without feeling hungry.

Having a small snack of peanuts before lunch and dinner will keep your total calorie intake within the recommended range at the end of every day!

#36 – Yogurt

This dairy product has plenty of calcium and protein (11 grams per 100 gram serving).

These nutrients will help increase your protein turnover rates which will make you lose weight faster! They’re also good at improving the condition of your hair, skin and nails.

#37 – Pears

Pears contain plenty of fiber and water which means that they’ll make you feel full for longer while reducing the number of calories consumed by almost half (91 Kcal per 100 grams).

They are also a very rich source of vitamin C which is essential for our immune system! Just grab an apple or pear whenever you need to reduce your calorie intake without feeling hungry about 30 minutes after your meal.

#38 – Grapes

Eating grapes before each meal can lead to a 10% increase in the hormone levels responsible for making us feel full faster. They’re also rich in antioxidants that will lower the risk of getting various diseases, including cancer!

#39 – Squash (yellow)

Eating at least half a cup of yellow squash can lead to a 10% decrease in the amount of cholesterol in your blood which means that you’ll be much healthier and less likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks!

This vegetable is also high on vitamin C which will keep your immune system strong to fight infections when they appear.

#40 – Avocado

This fruit contains plenty of potassium (more than twice the amount found in bananas) which is very beneficial for those who train at home since it will reduce any muscle cramps that may appear. It’s also high on fiber so if you’re looking for something low in calories, this might be just the thing!

#41 – Carrots

A study conducted by experts from Harvard University has proven that eating 80 grams of carrots every day can lower your blood pressure by nearly 10%!

This vegetable is also rich on vitamin A and C which are both essential to our body’s immune system.

Don’t forget about the crunchy texture as well: it will help you feel full faster!

#42 – Broccoli

This vegetable is very high on calcium (55 mg per 100 g) which means that it’s good for making our bones stronger while preventing bone loss as we get older!

It can also help us lose weight faster due to the high levels of phytonutrients contained in every serving!

#43 – Green Tea (Matcha)

The antioxidants found in green tea are responsible for boosting the metabolism of fats so if you drink it regularly, you’ll see a reduction in your body fat percentage much faster!

#44 – Asparagus

A lot of doctors recommend it to their patients looking for an easy way to reduce their cholesterol levels.

Just make sure you drink plenty of water while eating asparagus since it’s high on vitamin B and C which can lead to constipation if absorbed too fast.

#45 – Coffee (with MCT oil)

Drinking coffee with mct oil will increase your metabolism and help reduce belly fat much faster.

Make sure that you don’t put any artificial sweeteners or milk in your cup, though: you’ll be defeating the purpose by adding more calories than actually necessary!    

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