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How To Get A Slim Thick Body And Keep It (Small Waist & Big Glutes)

How To Get A Slim Thick Body And Keep It

Last Updated on August 6, 2022 by Femniqe

Want a slim thick body? The small waist and big round glutes?

Well you can get it but it will take work. Plus you have to keep in mind that your genetics have a huge part to play.

Not everybody have the hourglass figure but anyone get a small waist and well developed glutes.

You have to be willing to put in the work. If you’re looking for some overnight magic formula to transform you into an “Instagram fitness model”, this is not for you.

In fact, that’s not possible.

But if you’re REALLY serious about revealing and magnifying your natural curves, you will find this guide super helpful.

Even though the title of this article mentioned only thighs, glutes and waist – we’re going to give you a full body plan to help you reach your body goals.

Yes, everyone comes in different shape, sizes and from various genetic pools.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t change some aesthetics of your body with the power of proper diet and workouts.

How To Get A Slim Thick Body Naturally

To get that slim thick body look, you’ll have to do a few things like:

  • Reduce your overall body fat IF it’s too high
  • Build bigger glutes and leaner thighs
  • And tone-up your upper body

We’re going to look at each and recommend the best workout routines that will get those results.

So, if you’re ready let’s get started.

Steps To Get A Slim Thick Body

Step 1: Reducing Excess Body Fat (If You Have A Slim Built Already Skip This Step)


This goes for excess belly, thigh, arms and back fat. These are the biggest problem areas that most women struggle with.

Now the fastest and safest way to reduce your overall body fat is to enter a calorie deficit. It simply means you’re going to eat less calories daily to keep your body in constant fat burning mode.

Generally, it’s recommended to eat minus 500 calories from your current daily intake.

So, for example, if you normally eat 3000 calories per day, you’ll now start eating 2500 calories. This one steps will make a HUGE difference.

Doing this alone will help you drop 1-2 pounds every week! And that’s without any exercise.

So how do you know how much calories per day to lose weight?

Simple, use a simple calorie calculator like this one.

No calorie calculator is 100% correct but they give you a good reference point. Enter your details there and it will give a recommended daily calorie intake based on your age, height and so on.

The Diet Plan To Help You Melt Body Fat

Okay, so now that you know how much calorie you need to eat daily, you’ll need a diet plan to follow.

The problem with most diet plans is that they leave you starving at the end of the day. To save you time, here’s a free 7 day weight loss meal plan you can use as a guide.

You can make your own modifications but use it as a reference.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this meal plan will work for you as well.

Step 2: Doing The Right Slim Thick Workouts

slim thick body exercise for small waist

Lastly, you’re going to add a workout routine to speed up your calorie burn. To get the fastest results you’ll be doing HIIT cardio training only 3-4 times per week. You don’t have to do 4 times per week but don’t do less that 3 times.

This is how your training schedule will look:

NOTE: Make sure to watch the video for each of these routines so you’re doing the moves correctly.

Monday: 10 Minute Ab/Waist Routine

Wednesday: 11 Minute Belly Fat Shredder

Friday: 8 Minute Metabolism Booster HIIT (Do this routine 2 times)

Do this until you’ve dropped excess body fat, reaching your desired weight goal. Then you can move on to step 2.

Build Bigger Glutes And Get Leaner Thighs

getting a slim thick body with big glutes

To grow bigger glutes and leaner legs, you’ll take the similar approach to step 1 but the complete opposite.

Instead of going into a calorie deficit, you’re going into a slight calorie surplus with your daily diet.

So for example, if you were eating 2000 calories per day, you’ll now start eating an additional 500 calories daily. Your new daily calorie intake will be 2500.

“But won’t that just make me gain excess fat again?”

Good question and no you won’t, here’s why.

This time you’ll be building muscles and they need extra calories to grow.

So instead of just storing as fat, those extra calories will go towards growing your glutes. Remember, you’ll be training the glutes and thighs 3 times a week.

We’ll get into the workouts in a minute.

But you must bear in mind, those glutes will NEVER grow if you don’t eat enough. And this doesn’t mean you’re going to load-up on fast food (that’s what will cause fat gain).

Instead, you’re going eat mostly wholesome foods and supplement with the right products to speed your gains.

The Diet For Growing Bigger Glutes And Curvy Thighs

Before you start, use this calculator to give you the recommended calorie intake based in your current weight and height.

Here’s a proven full week calorie surplus meal plan you can use as a reference. You don’t have to follow the exact meals but make sure to replace them healthy alternatives.

Supplements To Help Make Quicker Booty Gains

Not all supplements are made equal.

Some are just pure rubbish and a waste of money. That’s why we tested dozens of supplements and narrowed down to the ones that actually help.

Now, remember you should only add supplements to an existing healthy diet. This guide will tell you which supplements will help grow those glutes.

The Butt-Building & Thigh Shaping Weekly Workout Routine

You’ll be training your glutes and thighs 3 times a week. On each workout day you’ll be targeting the glutes first then hitting thighs last.

NOTE: Do the entire routine 2 times for maximum glute pump.

Here’s The Workout Schedule

Monday: 13 Minute Booty Pump Workout + Thigh Finisher

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 13 Minute Glutes Booster + Thigh Finisher

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 10 Minute Glute Gains Routine + Thigh Finisher

Saturday: Rest Day

You must give the glutes enough time to recover, that’s why training them 3 times a week is ideal.

Even though we’re hand picking the routines for you, after a few weeks you might want to switch them up. So, checkout our Youtube channel for more routines when you need to keep things fresh.

Some persons prefer training at home while some love hitting the gym. These routines can be done at both. What matters is that you stick to the plan.

You Also Need A Well-Toned Upper Body


Don’t forget to train your upper body.

It’s the most common mistake we see women make.

If you want to really get that slim hourglass figure shape, your upper body must be well-proportioned to your lower body.

On rest days, you can add a 10 minute upper body routine OR just add it to the butt and thigh workouts days. Whichever way you chose it will work just fine.

Just don’t neglect you upper body.

Your arms, shoulders and back all contribute to the overall shape of your body.

Here are some great upper body routines you can do:

Go Start This Slim Thick Body Workout Plan And Get Results!

There’s no need to complicate a simple concept.

If you follow this game plan and give your 100% effort you will start turning heads when you hit the beach.

Times are coming when you feel like giving up but in that moment think about “why” you’re doing this.

Your “why” will be the #1 motivator to you keep going.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can refer back to it when needed.

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