How To Reduce Waist Size (11 Minute Workout + Meal Plan)

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4. Pile Squat Punches

Very fun to do and will definitely work and shape up your waistline.

When performing this exercise make sure to tighten your core as this will intensify the move.

Another thing, the faster you perform this move, the more calories you burn.


How to do it

  • Get into position A, with a wide squat position and fist held up to your chest.
  • Make sure to contract your entire core but still breathing.
  • Now perform lateral punch to the left side then to the right, as fast as possible.
  • Keep performing the exercise for the recommended time on the chart below.

5. Forward Kick Punches

You’ll be finishing this routine with another high-intensity move to help drain every bit of energy you have left.

This will help to shape up your lower abdominal and tone your obliques.

Note: Make sure to watch the video below for a demonstration of every single move in this routine.

How to do it

  • Get into position A, with your left leg slightly bent, right foot far behind and fists face up to your chest.
  • Perform a kick with your right leg while punching with your left hand as demonstrated in position B.
  • Return to position A and repeat the required amount of reps for that side.

Now lets look at how many reps you should do for each exercise.

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