3 Flabby Arm Workouts For Women Without Weights

Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Femniqe Editorial

It’s not easy having a lot of fat on your arms, especially for us women.

The thing about arm fat is that it’s one of those areas that acquire a lot of fat that end up forming those flabs, then it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Not only that but flabby arms are normally accompanied by armpit fat, which is likely to spill over when you wear strapless clothing.

That’s why some people wear only long sleeves, so as to hide the fat.

In this post you’re going to discover 3 arm fat workouts for women, without weights. But before we move on to the routine let’s figure out what is leading to excessive arm fat.

What causes arm fat

Of course we know that arm fat is due to the accumulation of excess fat. It’s one of the places where fat storage is most likely to occur. But one of the biggest culprits for arm fat is a low metabolism.

As you age your metabolic rate will decrease, hence you’ll be burning less calories and storing more fat.

The other reason is low activity level. If you spend most of your days sitting down and not making time to exercise regularly throughout the week, then it can lead to excessive fat storage.

The science is very simple. The more active you are is the more calories you will burn.

Now let’s get into the 3 arm fat workouts that you will be doing to help you get those lean jiggle-free arms.

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