25 Mouth-Watering Healthy Late Night Snacks (Weight Loss Friendly Foods)

23. Whole Wheat Crackers


One of the reasons why grandma loves to snack on these at night with a cup of tea is because it's really filling.

But not all crackers are created equal so you want to make sure you buy the multigrain, whole wheat or low fat mini toasts.

You can eat it with low fat cheese to give it that mouth watering taste. Multi grain crackers have protein and fiber.

But make sure to avoid the ones made from white flour.

22. Yogurt powered cubes

yogurt cubes

If you're a big fan of ice cream then you will love this awesome alternative.

Did you remember the strawberry shake mentioned earlier?

What you will do is pour some of the homemade smoothie into ice cube trays.  Let it freeze and you will have the best cold snack you've eaten.

This is one of the most delicious healthy late night snacks.