25 Mouth-Watering Healthy Late Night Snacks (Weight Loss Friendly Foods)

5. Pumpkin Seeds


This healthy night snack will help you satisfy that nagging craving, help you relax, unwind and get ready for bed at the same time.

The best way to eat pumpkin seeds is to roast them. These contains about 50% of your recommended intake of magnesium which is very essential for 300 reactions in your body.

One of the main areas that magnesium deals with is relaxation.

If you didn't know magnesium is a powerful relaxant and which will help you unwind at night time.

Just sprinkle a bit of salt over those roasted pumpkin seeds and you will be satisfying your craving for the night.

4. Honey and warm milk


Warm milk is actually a very powerful sleep aid making it a very good night snack. This will work great if you're having problems falling asleep.

Milk contains tryptophan which increases the feel-good hormone serotonin.

Adding honey to your warm milk will boost the sugar content of your warm milk.

This extra sugar will help the digestion and stimulate the hormones that boost the formation of serotonin to help you sleep like a baby.

3. Pistachios


Pistachios are a nutritious nighttime snack as it contains fiber, folate, unsaturated fats vitamin B6 and thiamin. You can even have some goat cheese or fruits like raspberries with it.