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4 Fiery Belly Fat Burning Exercises (Do At-Home)


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If you’re ready to step up your fat-burning game, then you should do this routine!

It’s very low impact but it’s going to pack-a-punch in boosting your metabolism to burn more calories.

The goal here isn’t spot reduction because that is literally impossible.

Instead, this routine will be taking a wholesome approach to supercharge calorie burn to help flatten your stomach. It’s perfect for anyone who loves working out at home.

But it’s also very effective for anyone who wants a quick finisher routine at the gym.

The Belly Fat Burning Workout Overview

As mentioned earlier, you can do this at home which means you don’t need any type of accessory or equipment.

The only thing you will need is motivation and your bodyweight.

This routine uses 4 different plank exercises that hit your midsection from different angles. Planks work extremely well for shaping up your waistline.

You will be able to complete the entire routine in just 11 minutes.

So it’s perfect for a quick morning workout.

When you’re performing this routine make sure you’re using a stopwatch to help track your time. You can use the one that comes on your smart phone.

If you want to maximize the results you get from short workouts you must track your time, it’s VERY important.

Don’t be one of those persons will just wing-it and end up wasting a lot of time.

Workout chart below will tell you how many reps and sets you should do for each exercise.

Now, let’s go ahead and breakdown each workout one-by-one.

1. Standing Torso Twist

This is a pretty fun workout to do.

It’s very low impact, so you won’t have to jump or engage your knees too much.

The goal of this exercise is to help shape your obliques, upper and lower abdominals.

How to do it

  • Stand shoulder-width apart as shown in the image above with both hands extended in front of you like a fighter.
  • Now rotate your upper body to the right as far as possible while tightening your abs throughout the movement.
  • After about one second do the left as far as possible.
  • Repeat the required amount of reps in each set.

2. Elevated Elbow Side Plank Dips

For this plank variation, you’re going to elevate the upper body.

You can use any surface like a step or any stack that is at least 8-10 inches off the ground.

Just make sure whichever surface you use is very stable and won’t move during the exercise. The reason for the slight elevation is to help engage all of your abdominal muscles a lot more.

How to do it

  • Get into position A as shown in the image above with your right elbow supporting your upper body.
  • You are going to dip your hips as low as possible as shown in position B.
  • Hold that position for one second.
  • After that, raise your hips back into position A and repeat the required amount of reps for each set.

3. Feet Elevated Side Plank Dips

Now using that same elevated surface, you’re going to do the reverse.

Instead, your feet will be elevated with your upper body at the lower level.

Not only will you work every single muscle in your midsection but also your lower body muscles will be engaged.

How to do it

  • Get into the plank position as shown in position A with your feet on the elevated surface and right elbow supporting your upper body.
  • You’re going to slowly lower your hips as low as possible for about one second.
  • Then raise it back to the starting position and repeat the required amount of reps.

Note: When you get into position A make sure that your entire body is parallel to the ground and your core tightened.

4. Full Elevated Side Plank Dips

You’re going to finish the routine with another plank variation that will also hit your midsection hard but very low-impact.

How to do it

  • Using that same elevated surface, you’re going to get into the plank position as demonstrated in position A with your right hand flat on the ground supporting your upper body.
  • Now slowly lower your hips as low as possible feeling the tension and stretch in your abdominals for about one second.
  • After that return to the starting position and repeat the required amount of reps on each side.
The Belly Fat Burning Exercise Chart


Watch ALL The Exercises Demonstrated Below

How To Use The Belly Fat Workout

To get even better results, you can combine this with a HIIT/cardio routine to help supercharge your calorie burn.

Here are 2 examples of routines you can use:

Doing this 3 to 4 times a week will absolutely bring you results. But it only works if you’re consistent with not only the workout routine but also your nutrition.

Speaking Of Nutrition

You’ve probably heard this 1,000,000 times but unfortunately you’re going to hear it again.

Because without it you will never flatten your belly.

And that is you have to eat in a calorie deficit to put your body in fat-burning mode. This is extremely important towards your results.

It doesn’t matter how much you’re sweating or how consistent you are with exercise, if you’re eating too much calories daily, you keep gaining weight.

That’s a scientific fact! [1, 2]

You must be in a reasonable and sustainable calorie deficit to burn fat.

If you’re not sure how to structure your meal plan use this guide to get some inspiration and meal ideas.

If you’re a vegan, use this fat-burning meal plan instead.

Don’t be one of those persons who overlook nutrition and wonder why they are not getting any results.

Be smart about your workout and nutrition.

You’ll be able to flatten your belly and reduce waist size if you stay consistent with this approach.

One Last Thing, You Must Be Patient

Don’t just do it for 4 days and think that you’re going to completely flatten your belly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

When you start a new workout regimen your body takes time to adapt.

But bear in mind, the calorie deficit starts to work immediately but it won’t show right away.

It will take a few weeks for you to start noticing the reduction in belly fat or whichever area you’re having excess fat.

As long as you’re taking consistent action (workout + eating in calorie deficit) the results will inevitably come.

It won’t have a choice!

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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