How To Get Rid of Back Fat (8 Minute Workout)

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How To Get Rid of Back Fat

Adding cardio for extra calorie burn

Cardio will always have its place when it comes on to burning fat.

It’s just super effective and countless studies back that up.[1]

But what would make it even more effective?

If you combine it with strength training[2].

So if you want to maximize fat loss then here’s what you can do.

After you complete the 8 minute back fat workout above, rest for 5 minutes, then add any form of cardio for 10 minutes.

Weather it’s running, jogging, stair climbing or even dancing.

As long as it’s a cardio based activity that will get your heart pumping.

If you don’t want to do cardio you can do a quick HIIT session.

Here are 2 awesome HIIT fat burner circuit that you can add if you want to make it more interesting.

But don’t forget your diet

Yes, it’s back to diet again.

None of us can escape it.

This is a very powerful workout routine that will help you burn fat.

But if you’re eating more than your body’s burning then you’re going to have a hard time.

You have to enter a calorie deficit or at least maintenance level so that you can start seeing results.

“Eat less and burn more”

That doesn’t mean you will be starving.

You just have to replace low quality food with high quality nutrient-dense food.

They will keep your stomach full for longer.

Here’s a 7 Day slim down meal plan that you can follow to help you get amazing results.

Try this back fat burning workout!

Even though back fat is a major problem area, it doesn’t have to be your problem for long.

You just have to start putting this plan into action.

So if you want to build the ultimate sexy back then look no further. This plan will help you get there.

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